Confined Space Surveying and Mapping

Using trusted technology and inventive, simple and therefore reliable methods, our safety teams working in conjunction with specialist surveyors carry out alignment surveys and topographical surveys in confined spaces and other hazardous areas. 

Our teams make use of conventional equipment, laser scanning, radio location (cat and genny), ground penetrating radar and innovative man-entry surveying techniques to map the world beneath our feet:

  • Culvert alignment
  • Cross / long sections
  • Laser scanning

To date, our staff have successfully surveyed some of the deepest most complex structures in the UK and are urivalled in terms of expertise and equipment.

Working in every area of surveying we are able to carry out detailed traverses through large and small sewers, culverts and tanks producing line and level, cross sections, arrangements and directional surveys with a high degree of accuracy.

Depending on the type of project we work with dedicated technology partners which means we are able to provide your project with a comprehensive package of utility surveying services.

Our office support facilities handle all forms of mapping, CAD, electronic media and reporting.

See our case study on a recent project to where our common sense approach and innovative laser scanning techniques was able to save our client thousands of pounds. 

For further information about our surveying services or to request a quotation, please call our Confined Space Support Team on 01925 244144 or email